Wood Flowers in Sioux Falls, SD

Have you seen our wood flowers??

They NEVER die!!

You can keep our beautiful creations forever.  We have hand crafted these amazing flowers into:

● Home decor
● Centerpieces
● Bouquets
● Boutonnieres
● Corsages
● Gifts

We love to turn your ideas into custom pieces!!

Our wood flower florists are located in South Dakota and offer free delivery in Sioux Falls and Mitchell.

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How are they made?

Sola Flowers are not considered "real".  They are eco-friendly flowers made from a sustainable material derived from tapioca roots.  The material is considered Balsa Wood.  Each flower is handmade by sewing wood shavings together to make different shaped flowers.  Once the flowers are made they can be hand painted or dyed to achieve any look.  Sola flowers are delicate; however, when handled with care, they will last FOREVER!!

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Disclaimer:  Each of these products are hand made.  They may have unique imperfections that are not pictured. Sola Cute Flowers and Crafts can not be responsible for normal imperfections.  Returns are accepted within 30 days as long as products are in original condition, proof of purchase can be provided and shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.